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Artworks Associates, Inc.

Who we are.

Artworks Associates, Inc. is small but very interesting place to visit, we are a co-op studio that houses 8 resident artist in roughly 2,5oo square feet of studio space and about 600 square feet of gallery space.

The artists who reside here are all from different backgrounds, cultures, age, and genders, and all have different styles and strengths.

What we do for our community…

Artworks Associates, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that started about 3 years ago with the vision to provide a place where art and cultural events would take place in order to enrich the community, and also give artist a place to show their work in our gallery space, as well as giving them a place to better their skills by providing open life drawing sessions and life portrait sessions in our open studio space.

We are in the middle of creating other venues like sculpting classes, watercolor classes, art movie nights, etc.

Life Drawing Sessions
Life Portrait Art Sessions